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Emigre 57: Lost Formats Preservation Society
Designed by Experimental Jetset with Emigre

Just 15 short years ago the CD/DVD format was a thing. For context that’s when Apple released its very first iPod — you know, the one with the physical scroll wheel that you actually had to turn. While it may seem like the Dark Ages, don’t underestimate the roots laid down in 2001. Those iPods are going for $800 on eBay, which makes this issue of Emigre Magazine seem like a relative bargain at $750.00.

Emigre 57 - Lost Formats Preservation Society, designed by Experimental Jetset, is one of the most iconic issues of the seminal Emigre Magazine. The issue is a lauded example of the default design movement of the 1990s and stands as an important artifact of design history. And unlike iPods, Emigre magazines are always backwards compatible.

  • — Table of contents.
  • — Ascii Mona Lisa.
  • — Lost Formats featuring Digital Compact Cassette.
  • — Page numbers and section text detail for "Notes".
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Published by Emigre
Dimensions: 11 x 8.5, 2001

Emigre 57