The San Francisco International Book Club


48pt Windsor Dry Transfer Lettering
by Zip-a-Tone


In 36 of the films he directed, Woody Allen's credit sequences are set in the typeface Windsor (allegedly on the recommendation of Ed Benguiat). By rubbing the letters with a hard edge object (like a coin) dry transfer lettering can be transferred to many surfaces which would otherwise be difficult to print on – such as cardboard or thick and irregular shaped materials. With these Windsor Letraset Dry Transfer letters your can create your own credit sequences in the style of Woody Allen. Or you could just frame the sheets for a nice typographic composition.

  • — Backside of Windsor 48-Pt Zip-o-Tone dry transfer lettering sheet.
  • — Every letter is present on the sheet, but a couple of forms have been lost over time.

Dimensions: 8.1875 x 11.1875

Zip-a-Tone Windsor