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Office Space
By Various Artists

As offices become mobile, the nine-to-five becomes a nonstop 24-hour cycle, and the service and information economy predominates, this exhibition reflects on the rise of "immaterial labor" in developed countries. Through video, sculpture, painting, and installation, the artists in Office Space interrogate universally recognized aspects of office architecture, design, aesthetics, and protocols as a means to understand the shift toward immaterial labor practices.” — Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

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This limited edition exhibition catalog is also a USB drive in addition to also being a pen. Featuring work presented as PDFs, image files, text documents and file structures by artists Stephanie Davidson, Manuel Fernandez, Paul Flannery, Kim Laughton, Jacob Broms Engblom, and Jasper Spicero; as well as artists and curatorial statements. It's a highly convenient way to transport a catalog and can even enable and improve your productivity.

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Published by YBCA
USB Pen Drive. 1.23GB with a 2GB capacity.

Office Space